january Rains

When the rains came, I had no idea they were even pouring on the earth. I guess it had been a while since the rains began and that was long before the harmattan came. It wasn’t that sort of heavy rain you get when its been so long that it rained. Instead, it’s the sound of soft, spills on our tarred grounds. The gentle splash of water on our planet, trying to bring back to life what we’ve lost in times past.

Is it dignity, integrity and protests of a new dawn that this rain brings forth?…it was that kind of rain that when I stared outside the window through the darkness, I couldn’t see it but I could feel it. Not physical on my skin though but in my soul, I could tell, the January Rains have come to take over

Its been so long misery overtook our earth and dignity was taken from those who were willing to compromise but not this January rain. It came when no one else predicted it and it came at a time when we were willing to still our fears…ie in the dead of the night when man sleeps and the enemies come to sow tares…but in this case, there are no more tares to be sown..no more lies to be told..no more compromise and no more hypocritical alertness at failure and corruption which lies in darkness growing so thickly around us.

The rains have come to renew us. The rains have come to show us that there is still hope even in a time like this. Even in a time when hypocrites linger so much around us they’re almost choking us with their lies. Where politicians deem it fit to crawl upon our flesh and take what is ours. Where our soul mates seem to be thinking twice about our relationships, where our loved ones have forgotten us and our best friends have taken the other option that excludes you..when the cries of Christians are dying down in christ only to be heard in the booming noise of worldliness and death, when explosions of all sorts threaten to take lives away…and the words come…’who can I trust anymore. .everything seems to be changing and our world is coming to an end pretty soon…

Or was I the only one that heard the raindrops on my roof in the dead of the night?

The weather is beautiful, our journey still continues and the rain has come to wash away our tears and renew us for a new beginning

My brother told me he heard booming sounds of thunder at that same time and thought it was the second coming of our Lord.

My question to you is what did you hear?

I guess all I heard was ‘the January Rains’ have come….and I sighed, wondered as I drew the curtains in anticipation so as to let a new breeze blow in so that I could go back to sleep.

God is indeed merciful and the rains just showed…He has not forgotten us..and so..BE STILL and acknowledge HIM.

itunu taiwo


addicted to the past

it had to work..i just know it had to work. years spent in struggling, sweating and praying..waiting for hope, waiting for love and finally waiting for the big rescue. i knew if i didn’t seek his face early, mine would have been a pathetic case. imagine being in a hole for days without mercy..well, thats whats its like when you’re addicted to something.you know its there, you can even smell it, you feel it and you breath it in each day,. what can you do except break throught the walls…if you can find any.
and then a little crack on the wall shows you the identified problem.there’s a little light showing you a sliver of hope and sunshine of mercy. and then you need to look for something higher than you. don’t blame the addiction, we let it eat so deep we have to go a long way in filling those gaps and empty spaces. it left us a regretful life, but not a deceased one and we’re grateful for one thing.a life to keep striving.
a life that keeps Striving and doesn’t wallow in its past.

meat and stones

who would have thought i would be eating stones for breakfast??

well, that was what i thought before it actually happened in my school days in Nigeria back in the millenium where secondary schools were like those nightmares you know you have to face. you know those incidents that happen or are about to happen and then you tag them as ”the nightmare you never want to have.” well, mine was quite different because i was actually facing it each day of my life, most especially in the day time

the days when i woould get to the gate of my school and my heart would start thumping loudly in my chest. if not for the ribcage protecting it, i’m sure it would have readily jumped out but i carried on like i was bold enough to face the challenges before me. eating stones with food was not my basic challenge in this new world of torture and training.

it was the horror of realizing i had to face a nightmare for the rest of my secondary school days