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addicted to the past

it had to work..i just know it had to work. years spent in struggling, sweating and praying..waiting for hope, waiting for love and finally waiting for the big rescue. i knew if i didn’t seek his face early, mine would have been a pathetic case. imagine being in a hole for days without mercy..well, thats whats its like when you’re addicted to something.you know its there, you can even smell it, you feel it and you breath it in each day,. what can you do except break throught the walls…if you can find any.
and then a little crack on the wall shows you the identified problem.there’s a little light showing you a sliver of hope and sunshine of mercy. and then you need to look for something higher than you. don’t blame the addiction, we let it eat so deep we have to go a long way in filling those gaps and empty spaces. it left us a regretful life, but not a deceased one and we’re grateful for one thing.a life to keep striving.
a life that keeps Striving and doesn’t wallow in its past.