Archive | November 2011

meat and stones

who would have thought i would be eating stones for breakfast??

well, that was what i thought before it actually happened in my school days in Nigeria back in the millenium where secondary schools were like those nightmares you know you have to face. you know those incidents that happen or are about to happen and then you tag them as ”the nightmare you never want to have.” well, mine was quite different because i was actually facing it each day of my life, most especially in the day time

the days when i woould get to the gate of my school and my heart would start thumping loudly in my chest. if not for the ribcage protecting it, i’m sure it would have readily jumped out but i carried on like i was bold enough to face the challenges before me. eating stones with food was not my basic challenge in this new world of torture and training.

it was the horror of realizing i had to face a nightmare for the rest of my secondary school days